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Infants will have ample opportunities to build physical strength and coordination; deep awareness of the power of speaking; and the confidence and trust that arise from a balance of routines and free exploration in a safe environment.

Toddlers will develop rich and varied vocabulary and grammar; precision in gross and fine motor tasks; social skills founded in grace and courtesy; and independence in real-world activities that build the foundation for academic work and inquiry.







Outside Play


& Yoga

Mini Chef

My Little Tree Daycare incorporates Montessori-inspired techniques through daily activities to ensure success at academic, emotional, and social levels. Our aim is to develop self-control at an earlier stage so it is more plausible to achieve success in the future. This is a fundamental part of Montessori Education. Activities such as yoga and meditation promote a state of relaxation that allows the child to become aware of their own body and develop attention and awareness. We will be able to enhance the child's concentration and tranquility, develop internal discipline (the main objective of the Montessori Method), and self-control.

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My Little Tree Summer Camp 2023

Join us for two weeks of fun activities such as:

  • Yoga

  • Mini Chef

  • Montessori learning activities

  • Spanish immersive learning

  • And More!

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